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NB: Searches on Whiston material will indicate the Greek-Niese section number from which the Whiston paragraph begins, which may not correspond to the Greek-Niese section in which the item requested is to be found.

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Life of Josephus (Brill translation)
Life of Josephus (Whiston translation)
Commentary on Life of Josephus (English)
Antiquities (Brill translation)
Antiquities (Whiston translation)
Commentary on Antiquities (English)
The Judean War (Brill translation - Book 2)
The Judean War (Brill Reading Notes)
The Judean War (Whiston translation)
Commentary on Judean War (English - Book 2)
Against Apion (Brill translation)
Against Apion (Brill Reading Notes)
Commentary on Against Apion (Brill - English)
Against Apion (Whiston translation)
Polybius (Loeb translation)
Polybius (Shuckburgh translation)
Polybius (Walbank commentary)
Scholarly Studies
SBL Seminars (PDFs)
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Archeology (searches archeological descriptions)
User Notes (searches notes submitted by PACE users about texts)
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Life of Josephus (Greek)
Antiquities (Greek)
Judean Wars (Greek)
Against Apion (Greek)
Polybius (Greek)

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