Niese Section 1
» [introductory note]
» Ancient History,
» most eminent Epaphroditus,
» I consider that, to those who will read it,
» I have made it sufficiently clear
» concerning our people,
» the Judeans,
» that it is extremely ancient
» and had its own original composition,
» and how it inhabited the land that we now possess;
» for
» I composed in the Greek language
» a history covering 5,000 years,
» on the basis of our sacred books.
Niese Section 2
» However, since I see that a considerable number of people
» pay attention to the slanders spread by some out of malice,
» and disbelieve what I have written on ancient history,
» recent origin that it was not thought worthy of any mention by the most renowned Greek historians,
Niese Section 3
» I thought it necessary to write briefly on all these matters,
» to convict those who insult us as guilty of malice and deliberate falsehood,
» to correct the ignorance of others,
» and to instruct all who wish to know the truth on the subject of our antiquity.
Niese Section 4
» I will employ as witnesses for my statements
» those judged by the Greeks to be the most trustworthy on ancient history as a whole,
» will show that those who have written about us slanderously and falsely are convicted by themselves.
Niese Section 5
» try also to explain the reasons why not many Greeks made mention of our nation in their histories;
» however, I will draw attention to those who have not passed over the history which relates to us
» for those who are, or feign to be, ignorant.