671 The extraordinary collection of negatives in this sentence emphatically underlines the simplicity (and purity?) of the cult, and stresses its difference from all others (where statues, votives, and sacred groves were all standard). Ps.-Hecataeus builds on comments by the authentic Hecataeus, that the Judeans had no images of the gods whatsoever, and different sacrificial practices ( apud Diodorus 40.3.4). For Josephus, this testimony from a “Greek” helps prepare for his delicately worded comments on this peculiarity in 2.73-78, 190-92. One might have expected some explanation for this Judean idiosyncrisy (Hecataeus had offered one) but, if this was included in his source, Josephus omits it and confines comment to the passages in book 2. On whether the Herodian temple was truly free of “votive offerings” see Bar-Kochva 1996a: 164-66.