669 Of the major items regularly mentioned in this connection, one misses reference to the table (for shewbread); cf. 2.106 and the inventories at 1 Kgs 7:48-50; 2 Chr 4:19-22; 1 Macc 1.21-23 (items stolen by Antiochus IV). The golden altar is for the offering of incense (Exod 30:1-5; 37:25-28; War 5.218), the gold lampstand/menorah (Exod 25:31-40; 37:17-24; War 5.217) a feature of the temple familiar in Rome from its display in Titus’ triumphal procession ( War 7.148-49) and the sculpture on his Arch. The two talents (one talent is ca. 34 kg) may be the sum of them both (cf. Exod 25:39). Eupolemus ( apud Eusebius, Praep. ev. 9.34.7) has Solomon make 10 lampstands weighing 10 talents each.