658 Cf. Let. Aris. 107, 112-16, claiming the land was originally 60,000,000 arourae. An aroura is here rightly understood as a measure of area, not length (contrast 1.86): the figure here represents 825,000 hectares (= 1,500,000 acres; 2,400 square miles; 8,250 square kilometres). Bar-Kochva 1996a: 108 reckons the actual size of Judea at the time of Ps.-Hecataeus (end of 1st century BCE) as about one fifth of this, 1,600 square kilometres. Both Judean and Roman readers might be prepared to believe the general fertility of the land (cf. Josephus, War 3.35-58 for a survey of its fertility; Tacitus, Hist. 5.6.1: uber solum); the latter had heard mostly of its balsam and palm products from the Jordan valley. For a negative assessment of the rocky Judean hills, see Strabo. Geogr. 16.2.36 (cf. Bar-Kochva 1996a: 108-10).