654 The authentic Hecataeus had noted the “populousness” of the Judeans ( apud Diodorus 40.3.8) and, as this was generally regarded as praiseworthy (e.g., Diodorus 1.29.5; 31.6 on Egypt), Ps.-Hecataeus repeats the point and deploys it to soften the information about deportation and emigration. Comments on people, land, temples, and customs were standard features of ethnography, and Ps.-Hecataeus may be following aspects of that template in the material excerpted in 1.194-99. Like Philo (e.g., Legat. 214, 226, 281-84; Flacc. 45-47), Josephus is proud of the size and spread of the Judean population ( War 2.398-99; 3.43 [on Galilee]; Ant. 4.115-16; 14.114-18) and elsewhere in this treatise highlights Judean commitment to child-rearing (1.60; 2.202).