635 Greek: τήν τε διαφορὰν ἀνέγνω πᾶσαν αὐτοῖς. The presence of τε without matching καί suggests there is a lacuna in the text, while διαφοράνπᾶσαν is obscure. Taking διαφορά in the sense of “difference” (so Latin, Reinach, Walter 1980: 155), this could refer to the range of differences distinguishing Judean from Greek ways of life (cf. the explanation of the food-laws in Let. Aris. 128-71); with the meaning “advantage” (Thackeray, Bar-Kochva 1996a: 221-25), it could refer to the benefits of emigration to Egypt (see next note). A conjectural emendation (made independently by Lewy 1932 and Cataudella 1933) suggests reading διφθέραν (“scroll”; cf. Ant. 12.89) and has Ezekias gathering fellow-Judeans to read the Torah (Lewy 1932: 123; Stern 1.42; Doran 1985: 917, n. f). Both the scene and the purpose of this reading are unclear and the textual problems render the difficulty insoluble.