618 The exactitude is impressive, and Josephus parades it with detail and cross-reference (contrast the vagueness of 1.166, 172). The eleventh year after Alexander’s death is 312 BCE, the first year in the 117th Olympiad (312 – 309 BCE). Olympiads were a “universal” (i.e., Greek) framework for chronology, and Josephus’ willingness to adopt this (cf. 2.17; War 1.415; on several occasions in Antiquities 12-16) indicates his adaptation to a non-Judean historical framework. However, it was useless for very early dates (the scheme starts in 776 BCE) and Josephus’ use is haphazard. As we have noted (1.126, 159-60), the history of the temple provides his chief chronological markers, and it is only occasionally that he brings the two schemes into alignment (e.g., Ant. 12.248, 321; 14.66, 487).