612 Although Abdera is in Thrace, he Hecataeus is sufficiently “Greek” to be included in this segment. On the real Hecataeus, whose work on Egypt was the basis for Diodorus’ account of that land, see Jacoby 1943: 29-34. Through Diodorus his name became known in late Republican Rome and in literary circles thereafter (e.g., Diogenes Laertius 9.69; Plutarch, Mor. 354d). Josephus had referred to him in Ant. 1.159 (cf. 1.108; 12.38), as the author of a book on Abraham, which would have been a spectacular proof of antiquity had it been proferred here. Josephus now ignores the Abraham book (sensing it was inauthentic?) and refers here only to one on the Judeans, perhaps unaware that this, also, was a Judean pseudepigraph (see Appendix 2).