32 Thus in 6 CE, since Archelaus became ethnarch of Judea following his father Herod’s death in 4 BCE, and there was no year 0. Archelaus’ tenth year was also his last in office: he was removed for incompetence and replaced by a Roman prefect as Judea was annexed to the empire. See War 2.1-117; Ant. 17.200-344. In using the verb βασιλεύω (“rule as king”) of Archelaus, Josephus is again speaking loosely, as he does at Ant. 20.251. In the passages above he stresses that Archelaus was not permitted by Augustus to be king, but governed rather as “ethnarch”: the ruler of a nation (e.g., Ant. 17.317). If Josephus I was born in 68 BCE and fathered Matthias III at age 73 or 74 (in 6 CE), we are once again faced with a patriarchal feat unmentioned by Josephus. See previous note.