31 Thus in 68 BCE, since Queen Alexandra Salome began her rule at her husband Alexander Janneus’ death in 76 BCE ( Ant. 13.404). Her ninth year was also her last ( Ant. 13.430). If Matthias II (Curtus) was born in 135 BCE (above) and produced a son Josephus I in 68 BCE, he was a father at about the age of 77. This would have been a remarkable feat, especially in view of ancient mortality rates: When Abraham fathered Ishmael at 86 (Gen 16:16) it was a charter miracle of Israel’s history. Since Josephus does not draw attention either to this feat or to its counterpart in the next generation, it is unlikely that he notices, or expects his audience to notice, the chronological problem. More likely, he has accidentally omitted a couple of generations or fabricated much of the genealogy. Possibly our text is corrupt.