27 “Draw attention” ( ποιήσω φανερούς) echoes the Greek of the opening statement of 1.1 (“made clear”), providing a linguistic bracket for the preface. Josephus will not allow that there is no Greek historical reference at all (the criterion of “most renowned” historians in 1.2 is quietly dropped), and thus announces the section of Greek witnesses in 1.161-218. “Not passed over” allows a minimal degree of attention to the Judeans, as is often the case with the sources collected in that segment. Now all the main segments in 1.60-2.144 have been mentioned, though not in the order in which they will appear. 1.6-59 thus stands outside the preannounced scheme, with a preliminary role relevant to the proof of Judean antiquity (1.69-218). On the status of 2.145-286, see note to “Molon” at 2.145 and Introduction, § 1.