22 Thus John Hyrcanus I (high priest: 135/4-104 BCE), the son and successor of Simon. Although 1 Maccabees ends with only a brief—albeit laudatory—notice of Hyrcanus’ term (1 Macc 16:16-24), Josephus presents his tenure as the apogee of Hasmonean administration and piety: War 1.54-69; Ant. 13.230-300. See Thoma ( JHGRP:127-40). It is no surprise that Josephus should name his oldest son Hyrcanus (§ 5) or that he should wish to date his family’s ancestry from just this point. In the earlier narratives he clearly distinguishes this high priest from Hyrcanus II, whose unfortunate and irregular term after Alexandra Salome’s death was fraught with violence ( Ant. 13.407; 14.170-79, 292-93, 365-66; 15.182).