19 The fact that this clause is followed, irregularly, by three further infinitives expressing purpose has led to several textual conjectures: Niese minor omits “to write” ( γράψαι), making the following infinitives depend on “it [was] necessary”; Bekker, Naber, and Schreckenberg (following the Latin) add καί (“and”) before “to convict,” to achieve the same result; Reinach inserts ὥστε(“with the result that”). But the syntax of prefaces is often convoluted, and it is probably better to leave the text as it stands. A condensed statement of decision and purpose is standard in prefaces, as is the claim to be brief (cf. 1.29, 58; 2.145; Alexander 1993: 94). “All these matters” is vague enough to embrace the topics highlighted in 1.1, together with the issues of 1.2.