10 By asserting that the first priestly course is ipso facto the primary one, Josephus appears to thwart the Bible’s emphasis on their equality (1 Chr 24:5). Possibly the course of Ioarib had in fact achieved unquestioned prestige because of the glorious deeds of the Hasmoneans (from this course) in the intervening history. Indeed, 1 Chr 24, which places Ioarib first, may already reflect the Hasmonean success (Schürer-Vermes 2.250 n. 50). But presumably some of the subsequent high priests would have raised the standing of their courses also and, given the sequel, Josephus may simply be exaggerating. His implication that being first was per se a mark of distinction would match the Roman legion, for example, in which the centuries of the first cohort were of double size and honor (Le Bohec 1994:43-4).