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Zitate in der jüdischen Apologetik und die Authentizität der Hekataois-Passagen bei Flavius Josephus und im Ps. Aristeas-Brief
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Gauger, Jörg-Dieter
Journal Article
"The citations of Hecataeus in C 1:183-205 and Ps. Aristeas 31 must be considered authentic, but the citation in C 2:43 is probably not authentic. Includes discussion of Josephus' manner of quotation as well as excursus on the state of research and on the title "high priest" given to Ezechias (C1:187)". "When allowance is made for the ways in which Josephus customarily used sources, there is nothing in the material attributed to Hecataeus of Abdera in Against Apion 1:183-204 that the early Hellenistic ethnographer could not have reported. Deciding in favor of the authenticity of the Hecataeus passages in Letter of Aristeas 31 and Against Apion 2:43 is much more difficult. however. The three appendixes to the article deal with Hecataeus and ps.-Hecataeus in research, the debate about authenticity, and archiereus as a title for Ezekias". - D.J.H. "Zur Quellenverarbeitung bei Josephus. Polybios bei Josephus. Fremdzitate in "Contra Apionem". Zu einigen untauglichen Argumentationsformen gegen die Authentizität der Hekataios-Zitate bei Josephus. Hekataios bei Josephus (c. Apionem I 183 ff). Hekataios bei Ps. Aristeas § 31. Zur Authentizität des Hekataios-Zitates c. Apionem II 43. Exkurs I: Hekataios und Ps. Hekataios in der Forschung; Exkurs II: Die Echtheitsdiskussion in der Forschung; Exkurs III: Zum archiereus-Titel für Ezekias".
Prototypes and Sources for Josephus
Josephus References:
Contra Ap. 1.183-205; Contra Ap. 2.43